Physical Freedom, LLC 

   Manual Physical Therapy of The Spine and Extremities

Services and Rates:

Physical Freedom Therapy provides physical therapy on a fee-for-service basis. We do not directly accept insurance and are considered out of network providers. However, per request, we will provide you with an invoice for each session that includes all necessary information and appropriate codes. This will allow you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage for an out of network provider. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. We also accept payment from Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flex Pay accounts.

Physical Therapy Sessions:

Initial Evaluation (60 minutes): $120

Follow up (60 minutes): $120

Package Price: 5 (60 minute sessions): $500 ($100 savings and best treatment plan)

Treatments may include a combination of the following:

Manual Physical Therapy: Joint Mobilization, Manipulation, Muscle Energy Techniques

Trigger Point Dry Needling: With our without electrical stimulation.

Myofascial Release

Instrumented and non-instrumented massage therapy

Therapeutic Cupping 

ETPS: Electrotherapy Point Stimulation

Kinesio taping for pain relief, muscular re-education, inflammatory drainage, joint stabilization

Home pain management/self-treatment techniques and specific exercises

Ergonomic and postural evaluation and education

Appropriate referrals to ancillary providers