Physical Freedom, LLC 

   Manual Physical Therapy of The Spine and Extremities

The CBD products that I represent are from an organic and full spectrum grow house in Colorado. This means the plants are grown indoors and managed with only peppermint and lady bugs.
Full spectrum refers to the utilization of the plant in its entirety versus simply extracting CBD from hemp.
This allows for what is called “the entourage effect.” CBD’s efficacy is largely dependent on having friends around/other cannabis molecules to boost absorption. Our bodies naturally contain CBD receptors.
The products I sell are all less
than .3% THC, so zero psychoactive affects and 100% legal.
I keep the following products stocked but if you have something else you are interested in, it can be ordered very quickly.

I carry 3 different tinctures:
Water Soluble: 150mg $57(rapid release and best for patients on other medications)
Oil: 500mg $79
Oil: 5000mg (high dose for folks with severe symptoms) $290
Deep muscle rub: 250mg $71
Fast acting therapeutic spray: 100mg $50
Soothing Salt Soaks: 50mg $50

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!!!
To health and happiness! is a great resource for more information/research.
Love, Jaime