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Manual Physical Therapy of

The Spine and Extremities

Patient Testimonials

I have had ongoing lower back pain and recently hip flexor issues that had left me debilitated in my work, social and general activities of life.

If it weren't for Jaime, I wouldn't have the active life that I do now. I am able to go back to the gym and even do cardio kickboxing!

I am so happy with the professional care provided by Jaime. Her treatment has been exemplary; from a professional, knowledgeable and friendly level that far exceeds all other Physical Therapists that I have dealt with.

I give my wholehearted recommendation to Jaime. Long may she continue to set standards for others to follow.

- Mary H.

Jaime has been my physical therapist for the past four years. She is one of the best therapists I have had and her skills have helped me with a number of muscle and joint problems. She listens to her patients and provides care for immediate issues as well as providing excellent tools and techniques for long term relief. She is knowledgeable about a number of different techniques and provides her patients the information they need to make informed decisions on their treatment options.

Her support and care has allowed me to sleep better with less pain and to continue with physical activities that otherwise be challenging. I highly recommend Jaime.

- Jean Z.

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